4 Questions To Ask Before Scheduling Your Next Manicure

4 Questions To Ask Before Scheduling Your Next Manicure

While all manicurists must go through a lot of training to get their license, that doesn’t mean every artist is the right match for you. Unfortunately, that’s why many people end up jumping from salon to salon—because they can’t find the right artists for what they want. If you’re one of the many people frustrated with artist hopping, here are four questions to ask before scheduling your next manicure.

What’s Their Specialty?

Before you go to the salon, you probably have a good idea of how you want your nails to look. It’s important to keep in mind whether you want acrylics, hard or soft gels, or just a regular nail polish lacquer. This way, you can ask if anyone at the salon you’re scheduling with has the experience necessary to actualize what you want to be done to your nails. If they match you with an artist, it’s a good idea to ask them how many years of experience they have in that specialty before finalizing the appointment.

Do They Have Pictures of Their Work?

Unfortunately, the previous question is where most people stop. While many nail artists will be honest with what they can provide for you, as they want customers to return, not everyone will give you the whole truth. In addition, while they may have experience with what you’re looking for, it may not be up to your standards, or they just can’t do the particular style you’re looking for. That’s why it’s important to see pictures of their art.

Some manicurists have physical portfolios, while others post their works on social media. If they do have a portfolio, take a quick look and see if their skill level is a good match for your needs.

What’s Their Tool Cleaning Process?

Manicures require sterilized tools to avoid infecting the nail bed. Again, manicurists go through a lot of training to get their license, so you often won’t have to worry about this. However, it’s a good idea to ask, just in case you have any skin sensitivities or other issues. Ideally, your manicurists are submerging all their tools in a disinfecting solution for at least 30 minutes at a time and changing that solution once a day.

What’s Their Removal Process?

Asking your manicurist about their removal process is an extremely important question for those with sensitive skin. While you can always request acetone-free removal solutions, especially if you use soak-off gel polish, not everyone has the tools or knows how to safely do so. If you really like an artist and they don’t do your preferred removal process, you can weigh the pros and cons and determine if it’s a good idea to do the removal process on your own. Ultimately, it’s up to what you’re most comfortable with.

Everyone deserves to get the nails they requested, and asking these four simple questions before scheduling your next manicure can save you a lot of time and potentially wasted money.