What You Should Know About Soak-Off Nail Polish

What You Should Know About Soak-Off Nail Polish

If not done by a professional, taking off a gel manicure can cause damage to your nail beds and leave you with scuffed nails and dry, irritated cuticles. Not everyone can afford or has the time to return to the salon to get a manicure removed.

With the innovation of soak-off gel polish, you can have all the beauty of a long-lasting gel manicure and then take it off at home without fearing damaging your nails. This article will review what you need to know about soak-off nail polish, so you can decide which products suit your nails and your manicure routine.

What Are Soak-Off Gels?

Soak-off gel nails are also referred to as soft gel nails. This is because the resin used in the polish is weaker when compared to regular gel nails. The resins used in hard gels are much sturdier, which is why it requires so much filing to remove. Often, this amount of filing can scuff the nail bed, leaving behind scratches and cracks. Soak-off gels last just as long as hard gels and are much easier to remove.

How Is It Applied?

First, apply a gel polish base coat on top of your natural nail to protect it from irritation. Once you’ve applied two to three coats, waiting around 60 seconds between coats, you can begin applying the colored shellac. Typically, this also requires around three coats, each needing around two minutes under a UV lamp. Finally, add a top coat to seal the color, and then place your nails under a UV lamp for a final two minutes.

How Is It Removed?

To remove it, you only need to file the top layer of the manicure off. Next, apply acetone or gel removal solution. Then you can wrap your nails in foil or plastic wrap and allow them to soak for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Finish up by gently removing the remaining polish with a cuticle remover. When you’re all done, if you’re using acetone, remember to give your skin and nails and nice moisturizing session with your favorite hand lotion and cuticle oil.

With this quick guide for what you need to know about soak-off gel polish, you’re bound to sound like a pro during your next trip to the salon, and you won’t need to pay extra to have your manicure removed! So, what are you waiting for? Try soak-off gel polish today and save time and money on your next manicure.