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The Differences Between a Nail Polish Top Coat and Base Coat

To ensure that your manicure or pedicure lasts as long as possible, you need to take the proper steps and apply the right products. Top coats and base coats are two essential steps, but some wonder if you can use them interchangeably. To answer that question, this article will review the differences between a nail […]

4 Reasons You Should Use a LED Nail Lamp at Home

LED lamps are the most important tool in the gel manicure application process. It’s the catalyst that hardens your manicure, makes it look shiny, and ensures that your manicure will last for weeks to come. However, you shouldn’t just rely on your nail artist! Here are four reasons why you should use an LED nail […]

How To Apply Liquid Gel Nail Polish at Home

Going to the salon every month to touch up your gel manicure can get expensive, but for some, trying to learn how to apply it on your own is just too nerve-racking. But with the right tips, tricks, and a little practice, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Learn how to […]

The Differences Between Acrylic and Gel Nails

When you’re deciding on what type of manicure you want to receive, knowing your options and the differences between them is essential. Gel and acrylic have long since been fighting for the top spot as the best type of manicure. The truth is that both gel and acrylic manicures are great options. However, the differences between […]

What You Should Know About Soak-Off Nail Polish

If not done by a professional, taking off a gel manicure can cause damage to your nail beds and leave you with scuffed nails and dry, irritated cuticles. Not everyone can afford or has the time to return to the salon to get a manicure removed. With the innovation of soak-off gel polish, you can […]

The Easiest Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

No amount of color, shine, or glitter will ultimately conceal cracked or brittle nails. A manicure over a fungal infection may only make matters worse. Learn some of the easiest ways to keep your nails healthy.

Everything You Need To Know About Builder Gel for Your Nails

Builder gel adds thickness, strength, and length to nails. Weak nails can benefit from builder gel, and people who want length with less stress on the natural nail may prefer builder gel over acrylic nails. Understanding how to use builder gel properly is important; here’s a guide to everything you need to know about builder […]

5 Reasons Why Every Nail Salon Should Use Gel Nail Polish

Since the advent of nail polish and the dawn of acrylics, gel polish has risen above the rest as a healthier and more durable manicure option. However, because it’s still a relatively new product compared to lacquers, and due to the amount of learning curve, not every salon has gel polish as an available manicure […]

What To Expect When Trying Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish provides a smooth finish with even, saturated color. But gel polish manicures are different from acrylic dips or traditional liquid nail lacquer treatments. Here’s what to expect when trying soak-off gel nail polish.

Manicure Aftercare Tips That Everyone Should Know

It’s happened to everyone at least once. You get a beautiful manicure, and then just a few days later, a dent or chip ruins the set. To keep your nails looking polished for longer, here are a few manicure aftercare tips that everyone should know. Avoid Harsh Chemicals Soaps, hand sanitizers, and cleaning products not only […]