5 Reasons Why Every Nail Salon Should Use Gel Nail Polish

5 Reasons Why Every Nail Salon Should Use Gel Nail Polish

Since the advent of nail polish and the dawn of acrylics, gel polish has risen above the rest as a healthier and more durable manicure option. However, because it’s still a relatively new product compared to lacquers, and due to the amount of learning curve, not every salon has gel polish as an available manicure option. That’s why this article will review the top five reasons why every nail salon should use gel nail polish.

A More Durable Option

Because gel polish is made of polymers, it clings to the nail tighter and is less likely to chip from everyday wear and tear. To get into a little bit of the chemistry, the UV light activates the photoinitiator in the gel polish, causing the oligomer and monomer molecules to split up. Because molecules naturally want to be balanced, they’ll reach out to one another to gain back any atom they may have lost, resulting in a tough polymer chain. You just can’t beat the science!

All the Drama, None of the Adhesives

A common misconception about gel nails is that they’re fake nails, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Gel nails build upon your natural nails, so you can have all the length and style of an acrylic set without the harsh process. Gel nails don’t require that you buff the nail, so the acrylic and adhesive have something to stick to.

A Longer-Lasting Manicure

While most manufacturers will tell you that a gel manicure will only last you about two weeks, with proper care, it can last up to a month. Because of its thickness and polymer composition, your manicure is much less likely to chip and fade in color, especially with a top coat gel polish. The only thing you have to worry about is if your nails grow fast, as fast-growing nails will need a fill-in sooner.

A Healthier Alternative

The process of gel nails is a much healthier alternative to lacquers and acrylics. This is because the base coat is designed to protect your nails. There’s also much less risk of your nails catching and being pulled or tugged at, like with acrylics. This means that your natural nail and nail bed are less likely to get damaged. After all, you can’t get a good manicure without healthy nails.

Better for Sensitive Skin and Nails

As mentioned previously, gel nails don’t require a harsh adhesive to get the nail to stick. These adhesives can often burn and leave your nails and the skin around your nails dry and irritated. Plus, the process of removing gel nails doesn’t have to require acetone. You can get a gentle polish remover to keep your skin from reddening and drying out even more.

Now that you know why every nail salon should use gel nail polish, what’s stopping you from using it at your salon or getting a gel manicure? Ask your favorite nail tech why they aren’t using this fantastic, affordable, and healthy manicure alternative.